Meet Trelle B.



Although she was born and raised in a very rural area in Georgia, Trelle B. has the luxury of traveling the world with her best friend, Mr. Brown. That being said, at the moment she resides in San Diego, California. Trelle B. is a recent college graduate and her career involves all things Education. As a Brown Queen, she takes pride in her natural crown. She loves: educating herself, retail therapy, date nights, blogs, books, inspiring others, The Pink Drink from Starbucks, & a ton of other things. Trelle enjoys her best life in private moments, mostly. Now, let’s talk about TB Girl Inpso!

TB (The Brown) Girl Inspo, designed by Trelle B., is a platform filled with abundant inspiration and peaceful vibes. The target audience for this blog is primarily Brown Queens, BUT I am truly rooting for and advocating for all women – I, however, am just keeping my Brown Queens near and dear to my heart. With that being said, the content ranges from a variety of topics and sometimes suggestions from my readers. This is a versatile platform in which all can be inspired by. Why? Because even if it does not help you, I am asking you to help someone else! However, being that I will address so many things, I am sure you will benefit from something.

Love & Light,

Trelle B.