20-something Blues

Many people refrain from talking about this, but it is killing us. It’s killing our talent. It’s killing our minds. It’s killing our relationships. It’s killing a lot of other things too. IT IS DEPRESSION! We are in these 20-somethings and we are up against a lot. We have a lot to learn, yet, a lot to do. Everything around us is changing and so are we. We are 20-something! Yet, we lose our focus and motivation to get out and experience life or become whatever it is we want to. Sadly, some of our closest people have no clue as to what’s going on with us – and that discourages us so badly. We keep our mouth shut, because we don’t want to burden anyone. Most of all, we don’t want to be judged. You see, some of us are “depressed” and we don’t know why. So, the first thing someone says is, “why don’t you know what’s wrong with you? That’s crazy!” Then that worsens everything. I could go on and on about us, but I’d rather use that energy shedding light on how to help us.

Disclaimer: I appreciate my fans, but there is no reason to send me sympathy emails. This is not about me, it is about US. I say US and WE because I am YOU and YOU are ME. This is a society issue that is quite larger than me. Now, I will carry on.

Pre-Depression Symptoms

  • Lying in bed all day
  • Ignoring chores
  • Feeling alone
  • Lack of eating or increased eating habits
  • A “forced” smile
  • Outspoken individuals become soft-spoken
  • (The list goes on and on, sadly.)


I know that is the hardest thing to, but it is something that you must do. Once you get up, everything else gets better. Sometimes you are just “depressed” because you are lying around not doing things that interest you, which leads to my next point.dsc_0353


Be it that room or house, just GET OUT. Often times we are tired of the same environment because it reminds us of some bitter feelings and emotions. Thus, we get depressed all over again. Your atmosphere is very contagious! Go to a park or beach and read a book.


Now, this tip is more “advanced.” If the tips above don’t work, that is okay! It just means that your situation is too unique for you to handle. You need some special attention. Speaking of which, in most cases that is all you need in the first place! See, you got this! I suggest you search for a trustworthy “counselor” to help you. They are all around. Don’t know how to look one up? Email me: trelle.cotton@gmail.com. My heart is with you!

I am not depressed, how can I help?

Do not shame a person for their personal feelings. Calling them crazy, petty, insane etc. only worsens things. If you have never been in their shoes, you have no idea what they are going through. Moral support is what is needed.

Your friend haven’t hit you up in a while and you are worried about them? Check on them. Your significant other laying around all day? Get them out the house. Don’t shame them for not doing anything all day.

As a black society, we often resort to anger in order to “heal and deal” with what’s going on within; so, we portray anger, but we are really just crying out for help without shedding tears. We fight the tears harder than we fight the problem. We don’t want to be judged.

In no shape or form am I a psychologist, but this is what deems to be true in our society. WE need to help US. Today, ask someone the following: Have you fed your spirit lately? If not, why? That answer usually tells if a person is battling with something.

Love & Light,

Trelle B.

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