What she tackles, she conquers.

When you are on a mission, even life attempts to throw lemons at you. Attacks start to appear out of nowhere. There’s only one of two things you can do. Either you can make some bomb lemonade, or you can drink some bitter lemon juice. I don’t know about you, but I’m taking the bomb lemonade!

One thing that I’ve learned in life is… YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING! I’ve learned to not focus on what’s being thrown at me – instead, I remain focused on my assignment! No matter what is thrown at me, I must keep going. Be it life obstacles, failures, etc. – I have to keep going! Even if I fall down 7 times, I will still stand up 8. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE TO KEEP GOING!

IMG_2936I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve tried to give up, but something deep inside of me just wouldn’t let me. It’s the fire inside of me that won’t let me quit. Guess what? You should find your fire, too. When you want to give up so badly, realize how far you have come. Usually, I’m right at the finish line. I’d be crazy to lose it all right at the door – so, I KEEP GOING!  

Sometimes I want to cry. Sometimes I want to smile. Sometimes I want to do both. Whether I cry through it or smile through it, I still manage to get through it. However, I love when I can smile through it.

HOLD ON QUEEN, you are almost there. SMILE. LAUGH. CRY. Just handle your business!

Love & Light,

Mrs. B

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