New Year…Shhh!

You do this every year, but there is nothing wrong with this, yet. Each time you say it, do you mean it? If the answer is ‘yes’, then read no further. If the answer is no, then allow me to inspire you very quickly. 

First and foremost, if it’s a “new” you, then you really don’t have to continue saying it. Show it! Maybe, that’s the initial problem. We often speak it, but hardly ever put it into action. So, can we work on broadcasting “false” information, and utilize that energy elsewhere – actually working on a “new” you, for example.

I would like to challenge you before the new year even begins. Write down your goals – everything you want to accomplish. Afterwards, create a plan that you can follow in order to slay all those goals . . . 

Slay those goals one by one in 2018

. . . AND then work on it of course. You probably complained all 2017, but what you not gone do is take that into 2018. Write it down. Plan it. Work on it. 

Success is not hard to achieve. You must have a plan and abide by it. The story’s moral is for you to talk less and work more. The difference will speak for itself.

Slay those goals . . . 

Suggestion: Create a vision board. (If you would like for me to do a separate post on how to create a vision board, then leave a message on this post). 

Happy holidays from The Brown Girl Inspo! 

-Mrs. B. 

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