Stop Rushing Greatness


Let me guess… If you don’t have it altogether by a certain age, then that means you’re failing? Why should we put a date and age on greatness? The answer to that question is slightly affiliated with society and what it teaches us. So, one last question… When discovering that you’ve “failed”, what do you do? Give up? Go into a depression? Become envious of others? It’s safe to stop here, because you and I both know how this story ends. I repeat: You cannot put a date on greatness!

Why are you rushing greatness?

Greatness takes time and a whole lot of patience. Think of it this way… When someone is rushing you to get dressed for a hot date, what are your thoughts? I know for me, I love to take my time. The end result proves why the wait was worth it (ask my husband). Treat your future the same way. Take your time, and be patient enough to see the results in the end.


Keeping up with the “Next”?

Let me just say this… What’s for the NEXT, is for the NEXT. Much like so, what’s for YOU, is for YOU. That’s all that you should be concerned about – what’s for you. Paying attention to someone else only puts you far behind.

A quick example of this:

  • Your dear friend just graduated with her Associate’s degree. She tells you and you add your unworthy two cents by saying, “Oh, congrats but you need to catch up. I got my Master’s.”

Run, honey! That’s not your friend. Real friends know that slow progress is better than no progress. Go at your own pace – you don’t have to keep up with the “Next”. 

Create a life that you love. As long as happiness is your priority, greatness will always follow. Society has taught us that our happiness is wrapped up into material things. Don’t kill yourself because you don’t have it altogether. Be happy and trust YOUR process. 

Love & Light,

Mrs. B

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