Encouraging Change

I made a recent post about feeling guilty for changing, but this post is to simply encourage the change. This is a touchy subject, so most don’t like to address the topic. Many people think about “change” in a negative way. Society has taught us to become complacent, and to also stay stuck with what we’ve always known. If you’re okay with staying the same, then disregard the remainder of the post. 

It's those uncomfortable moments that triumph our growth...-2

What are you afraid of?
It’s something you’ve never done before, so of course it’s going to feel uncomfortable. It’s those uncomfortable moments that triumph our growth. Meaning, the moment you agree to change, is the moment that you will begin to stumble across growth. Being afraid to change doesn’t make your situation any better. What other options do you have? Your ability to elevate is waiting just for you. 


No, seriously. It starts with YOU…
Sometimes we are desperately waiting on a much bigger change (lifestyle, fitness, relationship, relocation, career, etc.), when in reality we need to change ourselves. Refusing to change ourselves will only cause us to interfere with the big change. For instance, you cannot expect to elevate in your career and still running late every morning. Why would your boss upgrade you to boss status and you’re still acting like the worst employee? If you fail to change that, then expect to stay the same raggedy employee. In the words of the late Michael Jackson, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” Do it – change.

Don’t worry about who like/dislike it.
Listen, you cannot go around here worrying about whether someone like what you’re doing or not. That’s the quickest way to both hurt yourself and to also disappoint yourself. If you like the change, then embrace it regardless.

Changing what’s within can only help you, rather than harm you. Let’s grow kings and queens. 

Love & Light,

Mrs. B

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