Protect Your Energy

Wishing you a happy

When researching the definition of energy, it is evident that the term power is heavily associated with the meaning. Basically, your energy is your power. Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted so much energy on irrelevant matters? You are not alone. When you know better, it is essential to do better.

Wasted energy comes in many forms. To include, these forms can be: irrelevant actions, words, situations etc. Only you can determine if something or someone is producing bad energy in your life. How do you deal with these things though? How do you prevent wasted energy?

  • Ignore ignorance.
    • I know that you’ve heard it a million times before, but ignoring ignorance will help a lot. Just because someone is wasting their energy by stating mean words to you, it doesn’t mean that you have to waste energy too by reciprocating those mean words, for example.
  • Remove yourself.
    • Refrain from associating yourself with those who condone in bad energy. It may be tough to accept at first, but sometimes you have to remove yourself from that poisonous stuff.
  • Think before you act.
    • Your exact thoughts should be: ‘Is this worth my energy’? ‘Is it even worth my time?’ If not, then don’t waste your time nor energy on things and people who don’t make a difference in your life.

It’s important to protect your energy because that is your power. Don’t waste time and energy on irrelevant things and people. By doing so, you agree that it’s okay for them to have power over you. Energy is very contagious. Imagine if we all produced great energy. Gain your power back the next time someone is trying to “come for you”. Laugh. Ignore. Keep it moving. There’s so much in life to grasp – use that energy to do something positive instead. Life is so much better when you stop wasting energy. Protect your energy and see how much you’ll flourish.

Love & Light,

Mrs. B

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