You Changed: Stop Feeling Guilty

Attaining what seems to be "unattainable" can have some detrimental effects. The feelings are often mixed, because you're wondering how in the world did you reach the "unattainable". You did it, though. It took a great amount of effort, drastic life changes, self-improvement, a new mindset, etc. The way you came out is incomparable to … Continue reading You Changed: Stop Feeling Guilty

There’s Nothing Quite Like a Peace of Mind

A healthy mind leads to a healthy lifestyle. Without a healthy mind, I really don't see how one can get far. We get so caught up into our day-to-day lives, and we forget to take the time to properly care for our mental health. Before we know it, we are wrecking everything we touch. Simply because we … Continue reading There’s Nothing Quite Like a Peace of Mind